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Building Resilient Children

The Building Resilient Children Program is delivered through a combination of webinars (online) and/or coaching sessions (face to face and telephone) across 5 focus areas: 

  • What is resilience

  • Self-compassion

  • Agency

  • Self-regulation

  • A sense of belonging

A focus on consultation with children on matters that affect them underpins the coaching model we use. Consulting with children is identified in the literature as an important way to honour and respect children’s agency. This makes up a critical component of resilience and can often be difficult to know how to integrate and include in everyday teaching practices and programs in meaningful ways.


Coaching + Webinar

  • Calendar year program

  • Face to face coaching + webinar program

  • 4-8 coaching visits across the program

  • Travel to various locations – ATO travel     rates and overnight fees are in addition

  • Unlimited email support

  • Annual subscription to the Building Resilient
    Children Webinar program

Fee Schedule



  • x4 one-day visits (1 per term)

  • x4 one-hour telephone coaching sessions (1 per term)

  • $6,000 + GST


  • x6 full-day visits (two in two terms and one in two terms)    

  • x2 one-hour phone coaching sessions (two in two terms)

  • $9,000 + GST    


  • x8 full-day visits (two in each term)

  • $12,000 + GST    


Webinar Program

  • Calendar year program

  • Access to all webinars for 12 months

  • Self-paced program

  • 45-60 minutes webinars

  • Downloadable handout with key ideas     and references

  • Certificate of participation

  • Email support

Fee Schedule


  • $220 inc GST


  • $550 inc GST

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