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KGLearning Approach® 

The KGlearning Approach  is a system for shared thinking, educator research and documentation of an early childhood program.  It is a framework that embraces the principles of inquiry based learning and re-imagines the possibilities for how we see, write and organise an educational program.


Kelly has spent 10 years working with numerous early childhood services and organisations on designing, developing and implementing a framework for researching, thinking and documenting that honours pedagogical practice, curiosity and inquiry.  A framework where children come first and there are not short cuts to what it means to listen, tune in and be responsive.


The KGlearning Approach TM is a system that is underpinned by a comprehensive pedagogical training program that promotes and protects rigorous educator practice.  Reducing the barriers and focusing on what really matters is the heart of the KGlearning Approach.


If you are interested in adopting the KGlearning Approach please email Kelly directly to discuss.

KGlearning Approach® Commitment 
  • Whole team approach

  • First 12 months includes coaching, training and/or networks

  • Continuity of weekly non-contact time

  • Educational Leadership is an active collaborator

  • Term meetings to promote shared research and collaboration

  • A commitment to the integrity of upholding the KGlearning Approach®

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Booking schedule coming 1st Decdmber

After a services initial 12 months of face to face engagement to implement the KGlearning Approach a transition to KGlearning Approach Online occurs.


KGlearning Approach Online

The online learning transition allows services to engage 3 streams of live sessions with Kelly Goodsir at a low cost:

  1. Educational Program Inductions - x3/1.5hr sessions/3mth

  2. KGlearning Approach Documentation Inductions - x3/1.5hr sessions/3mth

  3. Educational Leadership Collaborations - x12/1.5hr sessions/12mth


Other points of connection

  • POP UP live webinars with Kelly Goodsir

  • Private Facebook Community - regular updates and sample sharing

  • x6 training videos explaining the KGlearning Approach TM - updated annually to reflect any changes in the framework.


Community Inquiry, Goodsir 2018

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