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Mental Health Conversation Cards

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

They’ve nearly arrived!

The Mental Health Conversation Cards are due in September 2020!

I am so excited to introduce you to this new resource from KGLearning

They are my heart for you in a box! I’ve always wanted a practical way to share

what I’ve learnt about mental health with parents and educators, and now I can! These cards are filled with easy and effective ideas and questions to help you open and sustain rich conversations with children, all connected to mental health. It might be a conversation at home, at kindergarten or school or even formally planned as part of your curriculum. Using the cards will be a great way to set up habits of thinking on the ‘good days’ that I know will help you on the ‘not so good days!’.

Perhaps like me, you have felt caught with the problem but not the answer? How often as parents and educators do we find ourselves unsure about how to respond to challenging and unexpected circumstances, especially those that relate to mental health. I can’t count the number of times I wished ‘the right answer’ would drop from the sky.

Despite not having any easy or one size fits all answer to life’s challenges I have discovered something very precious in my own journey - STRATEGIES! Strategies that have helped me to be optimistic, joyful and empowered for keeping on and staying connected even when I face challenging times.

Truth be known Matt, Caleb and I have lived through some tough times as a family. Not always feeling like we were bouncing forward, more like struggling to get through the day sometimes. Mental illness, in particular bi-polar disorder has been a significant influence in our lives as a family. Matt was diagnosed with bipolar type II about 20 years ago and it was not uncommon for Matt to be admitted to hospital up to 3-4 times a year with each admission ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months at a time. Our story has often centered around the importance of mental health and I could not be prouder of the journey we have all been on, and the value we place on these conversations.

The strategies shared through The Mental Health Conversation Cards are those I developed along the way as a mum on this journey with Caleb and Matt (ok so I think being an early childhood teacher helped too). In the coming months, I will be sharing parts of my heart story, as a way of illustrating how the Conversation Cards might be a help to you as an educator or to you as a family. My intention is to equip you with as many ideas, conversation starters and encouragement so you keep the conversation of good mental health connected to your daily life.

Product Information:

Mental Health Matters. Good mental health helps us bounce forward when life gets tough – and let’s face it, each day offers us plenty to worry about! More than ever we need strategies for maintaining a healthy mind and keeping perspective. What better way to learn habits of healthy thinking than through authentic and genuine conversation with people we can trust.

This box contains a set of 24 cards that will support you to do just that – to start and sustain quality conversations with others around good mental health. Along with unique and beautiful illustrations to ignite discussion, each card offers a description, questions and explore and engage strategies.

The cards have been grouped into three big ideas which all contribute, in different ways to supporting good mental health: Lifestyle matters - Dispositions matter - Feelings Matter. Use this resource to inform valuable conversations, develop lessons or explore a project with your child, your classroom or your team. Because you matter.

PRICE: Pre-order price $99 +postage

AVAILABLE: Early September 2020


ENQUIRIES: Kelly Goodsir

Illustrated by the talented

Access mental health support here:

Read about Matts mental health journey here:

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